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Making "Cents" of Military Saves Week at Your Commissary

Making “Cents” of Military Saves Week at Your Commissary

Military Saves Week

February 26, 2018 – March 3, 2018

“Set a goal. Make a plan. Save automatically.” These core messages will be shared across the Department of Defense for Military Saves Week, which is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and for individuals to assess their own savings status.

Military Saves – part of the nonprofit organization America Saves – has partnered with DoD since 2003. This campaign seeks to persuade, motivate and encourage servicemembers, military families and DoD civilians to save every month and take the Military Saves Pledge.

Military Saves recommends:

  • Saving a portion of each paycheck
  • Developing a personal financial plan
  • Establishing good credit
  • Enrolling in programs such as:
    • Thrift Savings Plan
    • Savings Deposit Plan (if eligible)
    • Servicemembers Group Life Insurance

Take the Military Saves Pledge!

According to Military Saves, more than 275,000 people have taken or re-taken the Military Saves pledge since Military Saves Week began in 2007. Those who take the pledge choose what they will save for, such as retirement or an emergency fund, and commit to the following:

I will help myself by saving money, reducing debt, and building wealth over time. I will help my family and my country by encouraging other Americans to Build Wealth, Not Debt.

Savings Resources for Your Commissary

As a military benefit, the commissary system is designed to save you money on your grocery and household purchases, so shopping at Your Commissary can help create more room in your budget to meet your saving goals. Our website features a number of resources to help you maximize these savings.

Savings Center

The Savings Center, located under the “Rewards And Savings” tab on our website, lists multiple resources that can help you save even more at Your Commissary:

Sales Flyers

Sales flyers are posted on our website showing our current promotions for commissaries in the contiguous United States. If you can be authenticated as an authorized customer through DEERS, then you can access our full flyer with promotional prices. We also offer a featured items flyer, which we can post publicly because it displays savings percentages for products rather than prices.

Commissary Rewards Card

The Commissary Rewards Card allows you to log in to the Commissary Rewards Card website or mobile app and electronically “clip” digital manufacturer coupons for redemption at commissaries. If you are not already a member, you can request a card at any commissary. For more information on this program, please visit our website to read the FAQs.


We also offer links to other resources for manufacturer coupons on our website to make it easier for you to save even more on your commissary purchases! It is important to remember, however, that you cannot stack paper or digital manufacturer coupons on the purchase of the same items. For more information on our coupon policy, please visit the FAQs on our website.

Healthy Living

Thinking Outside the Box

Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive! You can make healthy choices and save money by cooking more meals at home. Visit Thinking Outside the Box under the “Healthy Living” tab on our website to find many quick meal solutions that are both economical and dietitian-approved!

Will you participate?

Will you be taking the Military Saves Pledge this year? If so, what are you choosing to save for and how will shopping at Your Commissary help you to reach that goal? Let us know in the comments below!

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