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Celebrating 150 Years of Service

On Saturday, July 1, commissaries around the world celebrated the 150th anniversary of the modern commissary benefit, which was established in 1867!

Officers had enjoyed the privilege of purchasing goods “at cost price” from their posts’ subsistence department warehouses since 1825, but this benefit wasn’t extended to enlisted men until July 1, 1867.

We consider this date the origin of the modern commissary benefit because men of all ranks became authorized to shop and sales were not limited to frontier posts. (In fact, sales were permitted at every post across the country and on the frontier, where the commanding officer believed they were necessary.)

Over the last 150 years, shopping privileges were extended to retirees, spouses and other family members, the stores were modernized and the commissary benefit evolved into the benefit we know today.

We hope that everyone who was able to participate in these celebrations had a great time, and we want all of our customers to know how much we appreciate them! We are honored to serve the military community by delivering this benefit, and we look forward to the next 150 years!

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