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Coming Soon: Commissary Store Brands Freedom's Choice HomeBase

Coming Soon: Commissary Store Brands!

Have you heard the big news about the new products coming to Your Commissary?! You asked us to shake things up, so we did!

What You've Been Waiting ForA recent survey revealed that 60% of our customers would be interested in the Commissary offering its own store brand products, and we’re granting your wish!

Commissaries will be introducing two store brands, which means there will be Commissary-branded alternatives available on our shelves alongside the brand name products you’re already used to seeing when you shop!

We’ll begin rolling out the first of these products in the coming months, and gradually expand the selection from there. You’ll be able to find food products under the name Freedom’s Choice™ and household (non-food) products under the name HomeBase™.

Just look for these logos when you shop:

So what does this mean for you, the customer? Simply put, this is all about becoming more flexible for your benefit!

  • By sourcing these products directly from the supplier, we will be able to deliver the quality you rightly expect without compromising the savings you deserve!
  • Many of these products will be produced on the same manufacturing lines as national brands and will meet the same specifications.
  • While we’ll have to make shelf space available for these new products, you’ll still see many of the brand names you’re accustomed to buying in our stores.
  • Many retailers – both commercial and military – already have their own store brands, so Your Commissary will be able to offer you the same kinds of choices!

Coming Soon

We hope you’ll be as excited about this change as we are! We can’t wait to hear your feedback once these products begin rolling in to our stores.


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