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150th Anniversary Guestbook

Commissaries sure have changed since the modern commissary benefit began on July 1, 1867! But we are proud to say that commissaries have been steadfast in their support of the military community, even as the stores have evolved with the times.

Photo of Commissary Officer & Staff in Philippiine IslandsPhoto of Makeshift Commissary in France - circa 19181918 Photo of Commissary at the Red Cross Hospital near ParisPhoto of camp commander and commissary staff at Camp Roberts, circa 1941-19451943 Photo of Fort Myer Commissary Grand OpeningPhoto of Tokyo Quartermaster Commissary, circa 1946-1948Photo of commissary interior at NSD Guam, June 28, 1951Photo of Maxwell Commissary entrance, 1956Photo of USAF Compound in Ankara, Turkey, 1963; commissary is to the right.Photo of three cashiers at Arnold AFS Commissary in 19741980s photo of commissary annex at Camp Stanley


That’s why, as we count down to the 150th anniversary of this benefit later this year, we can’t help but reflect on our history. We want to know what the commissary benefit means to you, so please share your thoughts, feelings, stories and pictures below!

We’ll start by sharing what this benefit means to us. It means contributing to recruitment & retention, delivering great savings in a safe & secure shopping environment and, most of all, supporting the people that are the lifeblood of our military communities around the world!

Service members and their families give so much for our nation, so whether you are looking to save money on your groceries and household supplies or catch up with an old friend over coffee and conveniently pick up some essentials to take home, we are here for you.