David Dellinger

Every now and then we get to say goodbye to an extraordinary individual that made a significant contribution to the commissary. The time has come to recognize one of those people. David Dellinger worked with DeCA for the last 50 years as a contractor. Since he was 16 years old, …

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Your New Commissary Portal

Your commissary agency is constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience better. So it should be no surprise we developed a new customer portal tailored directly to you, the customer. We wanted to make shopping easier than ever and that starts by empowering our customers with the latest …

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From the Farm to Your Table

farmer picking tomatoes

Where does the food we eat come from? This question is one part of the farm-to-table experience taking place across the nation. And the experience really begins with where the food is grown on the farm. Often, we choose to create our own unique farm-to-table experience when purchasing local fruits …

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