We mourn the loss of a great man whose exemplary leadership inspired generations of his fellow Americans and U.S. Navy Shipmates to set the bar higher for achieving a greater purpose.

His unwavering commitment to faith, family and country is a testament of his legacy. As the nation honors his memory, we send our deepest sympathy to the entire Bush family.

***Please note that all commissaries will be open for normal operating hours on December 5, 2018, unless the installation is closed. We remind our customers to check their store web pages before going shopping.***

Are You Ready?

Be Prepared - Numbered List with Marker

We’ve seen plenty of images of natural disasters in the media lately, and you may have even experienced some firsthand yourselves, including Hurricane Michael this week! Commissary operating schedules have been modified in recent weeks due to severe weather, impacting our stores in areas such as Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina …

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Make Your Plate Look Like MyPlate!

Sweet Potato and Apple Pork Chops

MyPlate is a visual guide to encourage Americans to eat a variety of foods and build healthy meals. Experts believe the best and most simple way to improve Americans’ diets and combat obesity is to have Americans focus more on the proportion of each food group on their plates rather …

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David Dellinger

Every now and then we get to say goodbye to an extraordinary individual that made a significant contribution to the commissary. The time has come to recognize one of those people. David Dellinger worked with DeCA for the last 50 years as a contractor. Since he was 16 years old, …

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