We mourn the loss of a great man whose exemplary leadership inspired generations of his fellow Americans and U.S. Navy Shipmates to set the bar higher for achieving a greater purpose.

His unwavering commitment to faith, family and country is a testament of his legacy. As the nation honors his memory, we send our deepest sympathy to the entire Bush family.

***Please note that all commissaries will be open for normal operating hours on December 5, 2018, unless the installation is closed. We remind our customers to check their store web pages before going shopping.***

Back-to-School Food Safety Lesson: After-School Snacks

Attention, Commissary customers: class is now in session! Today’s back-to-school food safety lesson will focus on how you can teach your kids to “Be Food Safe” when fixing after-school snacks. With the school year starting, many kids will find themselves heading to the kitchen for a snack when they get …

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Back-to-School Food Safety Lesson: Packing Lunches

It’s a familiar time of year for many military families… school’s starting again, if it hasn’t already! Your Commissary wants to help you start your school year right with a couple of lessons on food safety for the back-to-school season. Your first lesson is all about how to pack lunches …

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Celebrating 150 Years of Service


On Saturday, July 1, commissaries around the world celebrated the 150th anniversary of the modern commissary benefit, which was established in 1867! Officers had enjoyed the privilege of purchasing goods “at cost price” from their posts’ subsistence department warehouses since 1825, but this benefit wasn’t extended to enlisted men until …

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