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Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival 2017

Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival kicked off recently at commissaries worldwide, and it will continue in the weeks to come! This year’s theme is “Live Healthy! Save Big!”

If you’re not familiar with the festival, it’s an annual event that the Defense Commissary Agency hosts in conjunction with our military resale and community partners to show how we can help our military customers meet their health and wellness needs.

Nutrition Guide Program button - Your Guide To Nutrition. Build Your Basket With Us.During the festival, commissaries are holding farmer’s markets that offer discounted prices on produce as part of our celebration for the 150th anniversary of the modern commissary benefit.

We are also highlighting our Nutrition Guide Program, which uses color-coded shelf tags to call out key nutrient attributes of store products and identifies high-performance nutrient-dense foods with a thumbs-up icon.

Festivals may also feature the following offerings from our partners:

  • Exchange sidewalk sales with discounted prices on workout equipment and apparel
  • Military health clinics conducting health screenings
  • Installation MWR activities hosting fitness events and children’s programs
  • Industry partners offering demos, music, nutritious food samples, giveaways and coupons!

If this isn’t your first of these festivals, you’ll notice some new participants this year: military veterinarians and food safety specialists! These experts are sharing information on keeping your pets healthier, plus tips on reading food labels and preparing/storing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Festival details will vary by commissary, so please check the schedule on our website to find out when Your Commissary is hosting Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival, if you don’t know already.

Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival

If you’ve already been to Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival this year or in the past, what did you like the most? And if you’ll be going to the festival soon, what are you looking forward to the most? We would love to hear from you!

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  • wildgrrl

    I was excited to read this article, since I am always looking for new ideas to improve my family’s health and physical fitness. I firmly believe that nutritious eating is a MUST if you want to enjoy a happy, healthy, active life. But then I became disappointed when I clicked on the link, and found out that my commissary already held this event a week ago. Rats! Next year, please try to get the word out before the first round of Healthy Lifestyle Festivals are scheduled!

  • Pattie Tucker

    Ditto for us. Received this notice on 8 June – my commissary held their festival on 2 June.

  • @disqus_ilQRicLAAy:disqus and @pattietucker:disqus, I’m so sorry to hear you missed Your Commissary’s Healthy Lifestyle Festival this year! To clarify, this post was not intended as an announcement, but rather as a way to start a conversation about the event on the blog.

    We did try to get the word out in advance through a news release, social media posts and information on our website, starting in May. We also regularly link to our website’s Sales & Events page in our Commissary Connection emails and directly promoted this event in the last two regular emails.

    However, we agree with you about the importance of health and wellness and we don’t want you to miss out on events like this one, so I’ll definitely give your suggestion thought as I consider the best approach to scheduling future blog posts. Thanks!