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Coming Soon: Commissary Store Brands Freedom's Choice HomeBase

Coming Soon: Commissary Store Brands!

Have you heard the big news about the new products coming to Your Commissary?! You asked us to shake things up, so we did!

What You've Been Waiting ForA recent survey revealed that 60% of our customers would be interested in the Commissary offering its own store brand products, and we’re granting your wish!

Commissaries will be introducing two store brands, which means there will be Commissary-branded alternatives available on our shelves alongside the brand name products you’re already used to seeing when you shop!

We’ll begin rolling out the first of these products in the coming months, and gradually expand the selection from there. You’ll be able to find food products under the name Freedom’s Choice™ and household (non-food) products under the name HomeBase™.

Just look for these logos when you shop:

So what does this mean for you, the customer? Simply put, this is all about becoming more flexible for your benefit!

  • By sourcing these products directly from the supplier, we will be able to deliver the quality you rightly expect without compromising the savings you deserve!
  • Many of these products will be produced on the same manufacturing lines as national brands and will meet the same specifications.
  • While we’ll have to make shelf space available for these new products, you’ll still see many of the brand names you’re accustomed to buying in our stores.
  • Many retailers – both commercial and military – already have their own store brands, so Your Commissary will be able to offer you the same kinds of choices!

Coming Soon

We hope you’ll be as excited about this change as we are! We can’t wait to hear your feedback once these products begin rolling in to our stores.


  • Looking forward to this!

  • Cecilia

    Super cool. Can’t wait!

  • Greg

    Good idea. Food is becoming very competitive especially with the two German companies Aldi and Lydl moving in. Would like to see products scrutinized to be more healthy. Less chemicals, no GMO and more organics even at the expense of variety. Our fighting force and their families deserve no less.

    • Sally

      I totally agree, but there is no consistency. We just came from Hurlburt AFB, a very small commissary in comparison to many commissary locations. Yet the selection of organic produce as well as other organic/non-gmo & gluten free foods throughout the store was amazing. I loved shopping there. Over the last month we have relocated to Macdill. I was told “yes we have organic” and they showed me a bag of carrots and celery. I consider that nothing less than shameful. I guess I’ll be checking out Aldi

      • Sally, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty finding the products you were accustomed to purchasing at your previous commissary! I would encourage you to submit specific product requests to us through our customer comment form so we can investigate this further. You can find that form here: http://www.commissaries.com/contactdeca.cfm.

        Something else to consider is that “USDA-approved organic” is one of the featured attributes of our Nutrition Guide Program, so you can look for this on the shelf label for products in covered categories. I hope this helps!

    • I’m glad you’re looking forward to the store brand products we’ll be introducing to Your Commissary! The best way to submit specific product requests to us is through our customer comment form, which you can find here: http://www.commissaries.com/contactdeca.cfm.

  • Linda Lee

    Really looking forward to it!

  • nocroman

    The new goods must be of the highest quality with the best prices. The produce needs to be much better. Meats should be sold in Bulk form Too. such as 1/4, 1/2, or full cow or pig, ordered in advance and cut to specifications. Priced per pound of hanging weight. Don’t forget us older veterans that are diabetic! Please get Faygo to run off some DIET Coconut cream pie soda under your brand name. And for God’s sake, Get some pickle and pimento loaf and other meats in the 1 lbs. packages for those of us that have children. Less than a pond does not make the sandwiches needed for lunches.

    • You can rest assured that we have set the bar high for quality. We are introducing these store brand products to expand the set of quality options we offer and help you save money!

      The best way to submit specific product requests to us is through our customer comment form, which you can find here: http://www.commissaries.com/contactdeca.cfm.

  • Jack Moye

    What means will be used to ascertain the quality and contents of the private label products that are being brought into the stock assortment? There must be a certain amount of quality control to protect the patrons’ better interest. Thank you.

    • Joeyanne

      I agree with you Jack and would like to add that the private label products are “products of the USA” and stated on the label. I have and am a brand name purchaser but have noticed many of the brands I was purchasing are products of China and other countries. I switch brands when I find that! With all the agriculture we have in the USA I feel our consumable food products should be from here! And if not it should state clearly on the label what country it is a product of so then I have a choice to purchase or not. This is very important to me. Thanks for your time.

      • Jack Moye

        This info needs to come from the Program Manager or Contracting Authority at DeCA Hqs. If I don’t find out and get the assurance I’m asking for, I will never but a store brand and recommend to all I know to avoid them as well. I happen to know that the QA Advisor in not available to work presently.

      • You’re welcome, Joeyanne! And thanks to you for your comment and for checking out our new blog!

        The best way to submit requests to us for specific products/preferences is through our customer comment form, which you can find here: http://www.commissaries.com/contactdeca.cfm.

    • Yes, sir, we agree on the importance of offering quality options for our customers! I tried to highlight this in the blog post by explaining that these products are sourced directly from the supplier and many of them will be produced on the same manufacturing lines as national brands.

      In addition, choosing the right supplier partner is an important part of ensuring the ongoing quality of these products. That’s why we have used a rigorous selection process, including quality assessments.

      You can find more information about Commissary store brand products on our website’s FAQ section here: http://www.commissaries.com/documents/contact_deca/faqs/private-label.cfm.

      • Jack N Marcia Moye

        So, it’s almost the middle of July and the flagship (?) store doesn’t have the private label products on the shelf??? However, some of the brand name products seem to have been removed from inventory or at east are not being stocked. Still no information on the actual process to certify the quality of the private label products, just: “Be assured we are going to make certain they are of the highest quality”??? Is the Food Safety staff at headquarters involved in this process? Appreciate your feedback in the form of answers to the questions. Thanks again.

        • @jacknmarciamoye:disqus Varieties of Commissary brand products will differ from store to store depending on store size and location. The best way to submit requests for specific products or inquire about their availability is to contact us through our customer comment form.

          Also, as I mentioned previously, quality assessments have been part of our work to ensure the ongoing quality of Commissary brand products. For example, all of the manufacturing facilities that our suppliers use for Freedom’s Choice water products are inspected by military food inspectors, who have certified them as approved sources.

        • NAS Whidbey Commissary,

          Brand name water is gone. A small amount of Freedom’s Choice is available.

          Looks like Freedom’s Choice may mean less choice.

          • Hi @yeomalt:disqus, the best way to submit requests for specific products or inquire about their availability is to contact us through our customer comment form. Thanks!

          • Thank you for your reply.

            I found the customer comment format to be extremely complicated and finally gave up.

            Large retailers have made this sort of process easy during the many years the internet has been with us.

            Recommend a more simple process.

          • @yeomalt:disqus, I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the form! You are certainly welcome to email your feedback to customerservice @ deca . mil (no spaces). Please feel free to include any specifics regarding your concerns about the form, as well. Our team stands ready to assist you.

  • Commissaries will begin introducing these products in the coming months and expand the selection available over time. This means you may see a few of these products at first, and then gradually notice more.

  • Wendy Bradfield-Smith

    My commissary at Portsmouth/Norfolk Naval Shipyard is already resetting to accommodate commissary brands? less-frequently purchased products? Whatever. They’re dropping many of the products I usually purchase. Competition is too stiff locally for that. I’m going to Kroger for a LOT of items now, to Kroger and Harris Teeter for MUCH fresher produce at attractive prices. If the government is trying to discourage us from using the commissary benefit so they can stop providing it, they’re going about it the right way.

    • If you can’t find a product during a reset, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been removed from our assortment, so I would encourage you to ask about this through our customer comment form and share any specifics regarding the products in question, as well as your concerns about produce quality.

      We want you to have a positive shopping experience, so we would appreciate the opportunity to look into the specifics for you and address your concerns. You can find our customer comment form on our website here: http://www.commissaries.com/contactdeca.cfm.

      • Military.Mom

        Your link to customer comment form is incorrect and has been for several months?

        • Thank you for asking about this; we apologize for any confusion! This link was correct when we responded to Wendy’s comment a few months ago, but the location of our customer comment form subsequently changed because we launched a new website.

          You can now access our Customer Comment Form here; links to it are posted on the footer and “Contact Us” page of our new website, as well.

          We’ve also been working to update any blog menus or pages that contained links to our previous website and reviewed this again last week. It seems that some of these links had not updated successfully, but they should be fixed now.

          Now that we have verified this, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache to ensure you’re viewing the most recent version of the blog. If any links still appear outdated after clearing your cache, please let us know which ones so we can look into this.

  • NMCB3299

    That will be nice. I usually shop in the Exchange store to get the cheaper store brands–Exchange Select and Patriots Choice. Now I can get a store brand at the Commissary and I cannot wait to check them out.